We are www.isi.rw, under Iby’ iwacu Safeguard Icon Ltd (ISI ltd). ISI ltd is a Rwanda based advertising agency that is set to compete in the highly competitive advertising industry not only in local area but also all over the region.

Ibyiwacu Safeguard Icon Ltd will offer healthy advertising services to both corporate organizations and individuals. Our core services will revolve around creating advertising campaigns and place the advertisements in our website, social media and digital media platforms with media consulting and advisory services.

Isi.rw,our online media, will cover every related story to make sure that people will know what go on. So as to entertain our audiences, we report every global breaking news in Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sport, … especially on unusual phenomena.

Iby’ iwacu Safeguard Icon Coooperative is founded by twelve youths whom ones have studied ICT, others journalism and communication. And, have a combine experience that circles around corporate branding and advertising, online and broadcast journalism, event management, showbiz etc.

Our Address

                   Tel: +250 785 383 202

                   Tel: +250 725 669 843

                Email: isi.rwonline@gmail.com

       Location: Rwesero, Kagano, Nyamasheke

                         Western Province

Services we offer

Iby’ iwacu Safeguard Icon Coooperative has established with the aim of maximizing profits in the Advertising Agencies industry and promote what are made in our region, Kinyaga (Nyamasheke and Rusizi).

Our products and services are listed below;

  • Advertising services
  • Creative services
  • Public relations services
  • Media planning, buying & representation
  • Creating advertising campaigns
  • Disseminating advertising campaigns through available mediums, such as TV and periodicals
  • Other related media and advertising advisory and consulting services
  • Local products supplying
  • Events covering
  • Camera Services (photos, Songs and event videos)
  • Audio and video documentaries

Local breaking news (Nyamasheke and Rusizi)